Monday, August 29, 2005

Scrap Your Sexy Self "Dare Ya"

"Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death, but to inspire yourself to life."
---Adele Brookman

This Challenge by Amber Nichole's is what I am challenging you girls with.

This is a great addition to our Book of Me....

How freakin' fabulous is this.

Everyone is sexy.
Some by definition of society,
some by definition of self-worth.
Some base it on what the oppposite sex thinks,
some base it on what MTV thinks.
Some find it within.
Some women pretend that it isn't there,
some women flaunt it,
and some women hide it.
Some women hate it,
some women love it.
If you think this dare does not pertain to are the one's that really need to do this dare.
Look in a mirror,
look at your art,
look at your mind,
look at your soul.
You might be surprised what you see.
No matter which of these women you might be,
scrap it in the best way you see fit.
Scrap it honestly, scrap it goofy, scrap it crazy.
There are no rules, there are no right or wrongs.

Here are some examples below.....

I want to see your page when your done..........

My favorite Taco Bell ASS.

Well Everybody out there have a awesome day.

Hey, Teresa have you tagged it? Keep me up to date girl.

It's easy. Just 5 small things.

Love ya all, Callie

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