Monday, September 19, 2005

Good Morning!! It's MONDAY!!!

Well I was putting the garbage out to the street so the Garbage man can do his stuff and WOW what a morning. You can feel the cool moisture in the air, as I turned around to go back in the street I saw the moon still hangin' around so I thought I would snap a quick pic of him. Also the sun is rising and so this other view is to the EAST. MORNING IS HERE. I have been busy doing chores this morning Cleaning out the fridge, takin out the garbage, Feeding the Bow Wow's, Emptying the Dish Washer and refilling it. Normal Junk. Now I have my morning coffee, so I figured I would get on this here computer and bug you guys for awhile.

Well, I got all the supplies to make the wedding invitations for Jessica's wedding. She got a beautiful wedding dress.

This morning news is Yacking about the Emmy's and Tropical Storm Rita. Gosh I hope that storm fizzles out. Well the week ahead is full of U-hauls and Semi-trucks. So I guess I will bid you farewell until very soon.

Gosh I need this coffee to kick in. These cool mornings do make me want to stay in bed under the covers.

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