Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Oh Man.

well here it is 2:51 freakin am in the morning. I went to sleep @9:30 then I wake up at 1:15 am. Stupid. So the dogs say okay since we are up let's go potty. So we do the potty thing.
Only we can't do it at the same time. We have to do it all seperate. "Let me out". " now let me out." "Oh okay I will go out also." We will follow each ohter around the yard. Sniffing all new pea spots. Geez. It's cold out hurry up guys.
Okay so that's over. So now I am surfing the net. Next thing I know Putter is home. Geez it's almost 3 am. Am I tired yet? oh not really. So that's it for this segment. Putter is making loud noise's in the kitchen. Didn't know the kitchen could be that loud. Gads.... Bang, Bang, slam cram.

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