Friday, November 11, 2005

Granny's Got a Gun.

wow in Arlington Texas a 66 year old granny with a 38, shot an intruder in the house who had a gun course and shot the dude right in the leg. Awesome, Awesome story.

Well this morning I have tons to do. But, I feel out of touch if I dont' blog first. What do I start with first on my list.

Today I have to finish laundry
Today My Brother arrives on a plane
Today I have to finish a banner for a local company
Today I have uhaul reservations to fill
Today I must by dog food
Today I must finish invoice for my bookkeeping job
Today I can't go to the bank because they are closed
Today is Veteran's Day. Thank you to all the Vet's and the wonderful job they did and do.
Today is Rainy
Today is Friday wow!!!!
Okay there is lot's more but
Today I have lost my brain.

will check in later yee haw.

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