Tuesday, November 08, 2005


well well,

Sunday: went to the funeral of my Grandpa's sister which would be my Great Aunt it was in Southern Oregon.....
Monday: went to work and worked a little vinyl, a little u-haul, and a little upstairs playing secretary. Oh yeah my mouth was hurting so I took a vicodin on an empty stomach.... so it worked real well.
Tuesday: 7:00 am back to the dentist for some grinding, poking, filling and yes 4 advil and a vicodin. back home had a awesome snooze until around 10:30am now that was some good sleeping. yeah.
Tonight: home trying to figure out what to say on this here blog. got to get ready for the trip. Doing laundry.
Tommorrow 5:30 am mom is picking me up and we are taking Dad (Lew) to the hospital to get a stent in his heart. Jessica is babysitting u-haul for us tomorrow.
Thursday: if every thing goes well working upstairs at the Trucking company, making a banner for a company called sure clean and then trying to pack and and and and and........
Friday who knows oh yeah also on thursday I have a hair appointment to get my roots a somewhat blonde color instead of almost black and grey. egads....
that is it for well. Wish my dad a good time at the hospital tomorrow. I always like that feeling when they knock you out and then wake you up only a few seconds later. (anyway it seems like seconds) bye for now.

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