Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Again

Today was the typical Monday, wanted to stay home but couldn't, had to go to work once again. Putter is working days this week. I made Dinner tonight but, he had ate his lunch at 5:30 at work so he wasn't hungry. That was a little annoying. I made Tacos, spanish rice and of course refried beans. So he missed out. He always want me to cook.

Anyway moving on from that Drama. Work went by real fast today. Rented a couple U-hauls and got some ODOT reports finished for my upstairs job. Then went to Jessica's doctor appointment with her. They took blood tests this time and I saw the baby's hands, head, heart, ribs and spine. It was cool on December 12th Jessica will find out the sex of the baby. Tomorrow we go to the hospital for a tour and she gets set up with Lamaze. I am going to be her coach. I wonder if she will listen to me. Putter is going to Florida on Wednesday with his dad they are going to a Racing/Auto Show. He will be home late Sunday back to the grind after that.

My Mom and Dad are leaving Saturday they are going on a cruise to the Carribean for a week and then off to Disney World for a week. So they will be back before Christmas. Anywho So my next day off will probably be Christmas Day. OH what a joy.

Well that is the update from up her. It's suspose to Snow in Portland tonight. It is cold out right now.


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