Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Sunday

So not a whole lot going on, on this Sunday. Jessica is asleep, all the dog are asleep, Putter and I are sucking on coffee and each of us are on our own computers interneting. It's is still RAINING.... We may float away, just kidding.

I found out I get my carpal tunnel surgery on my hand on FEB. 22, 2006... What fun that will be.

I got another dumpster to throw all the crap away that was laying around outside in the dogs yard. old pieces of wood and other misc. junk. The garage is pretty much hoed out now. Now to just get rid of the little fat brown mouse that runs around out there. That little guy has done so much damage. Pee and Pooping on everything. I am so allergic to that. So I need to get some mouse proof containers to put things in. Otherwise I might as well just throw things away cause he will get to them. I am trying to think of a way to get rid of the dude, and at the same timie make sure one of his cousins doesn't move in, in his place.

I really want to scrapbook lately but no time. errrr I have to finish organzing stuff around the house. Kid proof this house, get use to putting things away etc. Hard to train this old dog new habits.

We had a uhaul stolen last week. I just checked this morning and it showed up in Arizona, Eash phoenix to be exact. So that mistery is solved. The bill is over $3,000 dollars. I am sure no one will ever see that money.

Well that is all for the moment.....

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Anonymous said...

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