Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year is upon us.

So....... Couldn't sleep for nothing last night. We stayed home and watched the Brother's Grimm movie. Good Movie...

I went and opened the U-haul gate at 6:00 this morning, took Peanut with me. Then we went down by the river to see all the flooding. She barked at the water. Then by Dutch Brother's Coffee house. Where I got aWhite Chocolate Mocha and Peanut got a dog biscuit. Last night when I was listening to my Police Scanner. Dutch brothers was robbed by a mid 40's looking transiant womem. It has finally stopped raining for a little bit. The river is suspose to reach flood height at 10:00 am. Will that is it for now. I am starting to get tired. So Stupid.


Jessica's Blog said...

I Love you! silly lady!

HELIJOE said...

Hello Callie,
It just depends on where you are going, but if you are traveling to middle AK then it could be hot or snowy. if you are going to be in the Juneau then it will probably be a bit rainy. As I was working this year in Denali, the termination dust started about mid August. You never know it can be 80 and then an hour latter it can be snowing. That is what makes it so nice.