Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So Mostly..........

So mostly I have been working at my Bookkeeping job like crazy lately. Trying to get the 2005 year rolled up and start the 2006 year in a organized fashion. I have been watching the QVC special on scrapbooking today....wooo beware. They have some cool stuff and some not so cool stuff. Jessica is having another ultrasound this morning so we will be going to that at 8:30 this morn. After that to work to work the day away and then tonight my scrapbooking group meets and we will be doing the inside of the tin... what fun I hope it will be. Shann it's a good thing you can't get QVC you would be buying a ton, ton, ton, of stuff. I am holding back quite well. Arn't I full of discipline. Ha Ha ha Only because I am broke..... well that is the post for today. Ya'll have a good one. Ya hear.

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