Friday, February 10, 2006

Attention Scrappers

So girls lets jump on the bus. Cathy Z. is using this to teach in her class at CKU this year. Which is creating keepsakes university. This book will help us with journaling and little snippets to add to our scrapbooking. Go to Kelly Edgerton's site for the details. She explains it well

Other than that I think I will pick up this book thru
It's #3 in the top 10 reads of this year.

I am really wanting to focus on my scrapbooking and journaling skills this year. Oh so much fun. I really think our Scrap group needs to evolve and this will be the way to go. It's time to expand our minds and not just continue on with the ho-hum of 6x6 pages. Of course I will need your help and input on this topic. More details to follow of course. Oh so exciting. So girls put your thinking caps on we will be pushing forward. We started out focusing on the "ME" concept we will continue on with adding this journaling idea to things. So if you would please try to pick up this book it would really help to get our brains clicking along. Thanks

As to all my regulars on this here blog you may want to pick up a copy and read it to. It goes along with life, you don't have to be a scrapper' to enjoy it...... Until later "Chow"

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