Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's about 5:30 am on thursday morning. A jumble of thoughts are going thru my head right now. Let's see
1.We are in the top 100 dealers in the United States for U-Haul as far as performance.
2. We made #1 in our area which goes from Salem to Yreka over to Burns to Florence, yeah for us.
3. I have a ton of things to do before Shannon shows up Count down begins.....
4. Convention march 17th can't wait (Hardly)
5. Putter may be going to Vegas in March. Still working his details out.
6. Jessica is starting to Nest biggy time.
7. Justin still needs to get a hair cut.
8. I am a little anxious about my upcoming surgery for my carpal tunnel.
9. Valentine's day is almost upon us. I have several projects I need to complete before it arrives.
10. Need to do the Laundry..... This problem never ever goes away, it's always hanging around like an old shoe.
11. Haven't caught anymore mice.
12. Hasn't rained for the past few days.
13. Have a good day all sorry don't have much to say...... bla bla bla bla bla


JustMeShann said...

Awesome about the buisness (Pat on the Back!) Good for you :o) Honestly Girl you dont have to do anything before I get there, how long have we known each other! Relax!
Baby,Nest,Egg all go together... hee hee... Mother must fluff nest, it's in the instruction guide, page 3 I think,it was along time ago...
Laundry, isnt that apart of fluffing the nest??? Cant remember??? It is still a curse in this house too... Dish Fairy.Laundry Fairy (Oh Hell)...
It hasnt rained, that is good... Sun is out here, but I am locked in a dam room that needs padding on the walls and dont see it anyways...(Oh Bother)...
I cant wait till I am there! Repeat a 100 times or more and maybe you will get the effect... I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Ya,Happy Day...Shann

Jessica's Blog said...

Am I realy nesting?
Jessica Anne