Thursday, March 02, 2006


Yep had my stiches pulled out today. Hurt... the one closest to my wrist stung like a S.O.B. I tell ya it hurt. Made me quiver, yes it did. Then I walked over to scheduling and they are doing my left hand in April. Misery loves company they say.

So far things are going good with recovery. So those closest friends and family who have been wondering about bathroom duty. Yes, I managed to still use my right hand. Again, where there is a strong will, we can make a way. Enough of that room.
Today they said for practice to squeeze a tennis ball with my hand. Still can't open doors, jars, write, use a mouse. So that is the skinny on today's scoop. Hope I didn't gross anyone out. Hee Hee Hee.....

In case anyone was wondering. The red circle in the lower part of my hand is a war wound from when I was getting a divorce and I jammed my hand right thru a glass case for a fire extinguisher. Kind of like a Hi-karate move. I was so mad, I didn't even know I had glass thru my hand. When I got to my car, I thought to my self...Self you better look and see if you are hurt. Look, awe shit! Blood going every where, with a big chunk of glass sticking out. Reality hit this idiot... Daaaa. Old War Wounds!!!!!!!!! Got a few stiches out of that one too... Did you like that shann..


JustMeShann said...

Cool! I am demented I know! I would tell some great story like I was doing this great jump off a dune and kersplat, see my scar! Hee Hee... Love Ya Shann

JustMeShann said...

There you go Girl!!!! You got it going on!! LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL!

Jessica's Blog said...

Ewwwwweee! Your a real trooper Ma!
Jessica Ane

Anonymous said...

you waisted a good hit to the chops on the fire ext insident. jake