Saturday, May 27, 2006

Good Morning Saturday

It's Saturday I have been awake since around 2:30 am. Can't sleep. Little jack was awake screaming so I helped soothe him back to sleep. His mom (Jessica) is exhausted. She is really being a good mom. Jack is her life now and she takes precious care of him. She worry's when he fuses, worries when he doesn't wake up to eat. worries, worries, worries. And loves the little guy so much. I am really impressed with what she is doing.
This morning the sun is starting to peak out of the East horizon. The birds are talking like crazy. (reminds me of Hawaii in the mornings). I miss Hawaii. I loved that vacation.
I am really enjoying not working for the Trucking Company. I seriously think I was on the verge of some sort of break down. I want to take life a little easier right now. I want to make things I do from now on count. I feel like lately everything is just treading water so.... begins a new chapter.
For some strange reason it is not raining yet.
Well I just got done feeding Jack. He ate very good this morning, then I put him back to bed. Hope it lasts a few minutes. I know I am going to regret waking up so early. oh hell, that is life. Well my mind has went blank for the moment so of course I will add more later.


JustMeShann said...

Well I am glad you are enjoying your time off you deserve it... I am also glad you have company when you can't sleep, he is aweful cute... How cool it must be to have a little one in your life and to watch Jess love on him and be a good mother like you... Glad things are going well, love ya Shann

Jessica's Blog said...

Thanks mom.

OrangeGlow said...

You are such a wonderful granny. Jess is lucky to have you! I only wish that if I have kids, the support system will be as strong as it is for Jess.
Love ya,