Wednesday, May 17, 2006


jack and Jess on mother's day. Her very first. Yee Haw. Boy the baby changes in his looks a lot. amazing today is his two week appointment. They had a sleepless night last night. He was up from about 2 to 5 ready to play. She brought him to me around 5 and of course he went to sleep. Poor kids. Wish I could stay home a little more and sleep myself. I must sleep hard now cause I never hear them in the night. I have been sleeping most night's lately don't really know why, but I will take it. that is it for this morning. I am drinking coffee and I am having a hot flash so I am going outside bye!!

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JustMeShann said...

I am sorry about Jess not getting any sleep... It brings back memories of being so tired that I couldnt remember if I fed the baby or what because I was a walking zombie... That is the beginning of the house being a wreck and the only thing mattering is you and the kid on survival mode... Good Luck Jess, the good thing is we all survived and so did our kids... Doesnt make it any easier going through though... Wish you could stay home and be a full time Granny too, but I am glad you are getting your rest... I hope you get more rest tonight... Love You All, Shann

And thanks for the new picture of Jess and Jack, it makes my day! it really does!