Friday, July 21, 2006

so it happened

Anyway on wednesday night we were awoken to a gun shot at 1:45 am in the morning. A car had been sitting across the street from our house with two people in it . A patrol car came and approached the car in the back seat he recognize the person. Her name was Racheal soto and she had been robbing 7-11 stores with a gun. So he drew his gun. Then Racheal drew hers and pow she was dead. So we had about (no kidding) about 20 cop cars here at once. ambulance fire truck. They tapped off the area including or driveway. So Jess and I starred out the window for a good hour. Oh will we thought this will be going on forever. So back to bed we went. Then Putter came home he couldn't park at our house becasue it was a crime scene. So he came in and told eachother what we knew. Then Justin showed up to get his lunch items. Then tons of helicopters then a policeman knocking on the door, waniting to know what we heard or saw. No sleep, did I have that night I assure you. So they had put a tent over the car becasue the body was still inside. So basically the 7-11 bandit is caught. the women was a 32 year old mother who had went the way of the meth world. Lost her kids. So it goes. Drugs ain't they just great.

Today I am going to a ebay (free class) on how to make money. We will see how that goes. Could be good could be a waste of time. Suspose to be 100 today. I guess the question is now. Who isn't going to be hot. Have a good one.


JustMeShann said...

Here's one for you 5 am and 80 degrees! Yuk

Drugs are one EVIL thing.... SAD!

I am TIRED today! and have to WORK tomorrow too!

Have a GREAT day! :o)

Mary Miles said...

i went to school with rachel, and i got to know her a little bit when we were in highschool.

drugs are soooo horrible! they take your kids away, they take your family away, and take your life away. i have NO idea why people would want to even start using them.

i just had to get all that out, and now i feel much better!!

Mary Miles (callie's stampin friend)