Sunday, August 13, 2006

6:00 call and he is in Missouri

Justin said that they barely missed this stump going through the side of the truck when he ended up on his side. Hmmm interesting...

Well, he called me at 6 this morning and said they are in missouri. He said there are a lot of trees and they have like big spider webs all over them. He said it was freaky, also they went through a storm of praying mantessis. He said remember those bugs that look like string beans mom. Thus praying Mantese. He said they were all over the truck when they stopped for breakfast at IHOP they had to flick them off. He also said he has seen some beautiful country. Last night in the big storm lighnting hit the ground right in front of them on the freeway. "That was scary MOM". So he has burnt up more spark plug wires and used 12 quarts of oil now. He said he needs different headers that's why he is losing the plug wires. OH CRAZY KIDS. My Uncle WES posted on here a few entry's down and he is right. UNCLE WES and UNCLE BUD (aka Dad) have been reborn... ON to adventures. Wild Child of mine.

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