Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day at work. Every thing went smoothly. So nice for a change.

I was listening to my usual conservative talk radio, when a customer came in and commented on my choice of listening. The Michael Savage show. (which can be know to be a bit over the top). He said, oh good someone that listens to something good on the radio. Turns out he is a school teacher and he is a minority. He says almost everyone he works with is extremely liberal. He said he had no idea it was this bazaar when he went into this line of work. Anyway he went on and on and on about how the liberals think. He asks his friend how they would like to get their head just chopped right off. So that was interesting.

Also had several older people come in with ailing medical conditions. I don't see how they plan on moving there things when they could hardly make it into the office. So that is always pretty interesting.

I have the extreme pleasure of getting my second carpal tunnel surgery on August 31st. Left hand so typing will be a little slower for a while again.

Justin started working yesterday in the mansonry field. He starts at 22.85 per hour. He said it is a lot easier than the previous two jobs he has had. He said he lifts cinder blocks and shovels mortor. He likes it, for day one anyway. After he establishes residency in Illinois he will then start school in the winter. They get laid off anyway in the winter so it will work out well.

He also got a cingular cell phone so we will be able to call eachother for nothing. What fun.

That is the post for today. Off to work I go.

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JustMeShann said...

How is the boy doing??? and Jack & Jess???