Tuesday, August 15, 2006

worry me

OH yes, now I worry on about my boy. It's hot and humid and he is suspose to start a job as a mason. So I really hope he drinks a lot of water. I don't want him getting sick or keeling over. Gosh I wish I wouldn't worry so much. It's stupid, just makes me have to get the tums out.
I have today off and I can't sleep of course. Such fun when that happens. Went shopping at a new grocery store in North Albany called Ray's. It was a okay, kind of trendy, but way overpriced on certain items. I don't think I will be going there much.
Got a cookbook Rachel Ray's 366 30 minute meals. Going to try 3 of them. If they turn out good I will post about them on here.
Jack is teething and he is miserable. poor little man. He is so sore he can hardly drink his milk. Waaaaa-----. I will try to post more later today after I talk to Justin.

Uncle Wes it was nice talking to you on the phone. Love Ya


JustMeShann said...

Isnt that what life is about worring about your kids... Dad says that you never get rid of that... That boy of yours is going to be making man memories, stories to tell his kids... He will do fine just as we have, dont you keep fretting... He will figure out that if you dont drink enough water or have enough salt that you drag and pass out... Men dont take to kindly to feeling like shit, he will be fine... That is all from my fried ass brain... Love ya bunches, shann

JustMeShann said...

Oh, and keep us posted!!! I like hearing about the boy and girl, makes my day! Love ya again, Shann

I capitalized my name that time! Told ya I was fried!

Anonymous said...

He will do fine!! I cook Rachel RAy meals all the time. She is the best. So easy. I love her cooking!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Patttttt