Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Current Events

1. Mom and Dad are having a great time in Alaska. Mom called yesterday from Juneau. She said it was so beautiful, they are in Awe. It was 49 degrees overcast with no wind. Beautiful... She said it was the most beautiful cruise they had been on.

2. Uncle Goob... Grandpa's little brother is passing away they didn't know if he would make it thru the night. Grandma said he will be buried in Hayward. I think that leaves grandpa and his little sister are all that are left out of all those kids. Grandpa lost his last sister Jane last year.

3. Jack is doing well. Growing like Oregon weeds.
4. Jess is really enjoying her new job.
5. She is having trouble finding a place to live. Dogs aren't to lovely in Apartments.
6.I am going to Visit Shannon Oct 9 to the 16th. Woo Hoo such fun.

That is the update.

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JustMeShann said...

Sorry to hear about Uncle Goob... How many kids were in your grandpa's family? And those apartment people just dont know how wonderful miss dory doo is, to bad for them... Glad to hear your mom and dad are having a good time up yonder north... Thanks for all the updating :o) Love ya Shann