Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Over the hump day

Of which means nothing to me. Because I U-haul 28 to 30 to 31 days a month. So therefore no hump exists. We have small speed bumbs. It has been super duper slow these past few days.

This morning I had a wakeup call also. "Mom there is no formula for Jack". Well stupid me in my tired stuper. I forgot to put Jack's formula back in his diaper bag. Yikes. So like a speeding bullet, with my gas gauge saying "hey stupid your out of gas", I raced to Jack. Then off to Costco, hope I make it. Well, I did My car holds 14 gallons and they filled it with 14.2 gallons. Amazing. I was out of GAS. Cost me 32.00 to fill it. Much better than the normal 40 it has cost in the past. Then off to Dutch Bros. The local Drive thru White Choclate Mocha coffee stand. Yummy.

Cards were okay last night, I was so tired I couldn't pay attention to anything. I had the giggles somewhat. I couldn't believe how darn tired I was. ON to more things. I got home went to bed. 1:30 am AWAKE. OMG How stupid so I of course stayed up for a while. Good thing Jess called this morning who Knows what may have happened.

Beyond that, Waiting to hear how Shannon's butchery is going, Waiting to hear if Uncle Wes is back yet and what happened on that trip. Waiting to see if Joe will post pics on his site. Wishing Brandi would post more pics and stories on her blog. Sarah is doing good right now. Yeah Sarah!!!

Enough Rambling---- got to go to work. Tonight for your viewing pleasure. We are going to see the great pumpkin so there will be pics of Jack and the pumpkins tonight tonight tonight. Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


Brandi said...

Hey Cal,

I just updated, fresh pictures from yesterday. Did you see all the stuff I added on from our trip to the pumpkin patch last Fri. pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes at the zoo Sat. then puppy Sunday. Cold weather pics Monday and hat pics. today. I'm doing better than my sister but then again I'm not cutting up a bazillion pound elk each night either!
check out my blog...then get some zzzz's

JustMeShann said...

Everyone is Blogging better than JustMe... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

But I am glad you are because it puts a SMILE!!!! on my face :o)

Love ya, Shann

Anonymous said...

Oh, that little Punokin Patch Jack~!!! Cute,,,Wgat happen to Hellijoe? Shannon how does that meat tarte?