Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So today I would really love not to go to work. I would rather play with paper, pens, ink, doo-dads, pictures, words. Yep that is what I would rather do. But, life is to cruel. I have to go to work. Shann inspired me to get things done. I watched her create many things last week. Awesome she is.

This pic is were she was making bottle caps with a thick glaze. Her Daughter walked in a yelled. "MOM ARE YOU MAKING CRACK". Too damn funny.

So off to work I go. Mom and Dad went to California this morning. So I get Jet the dog. they will be back in a couple of days. That the news of the day. no rain today. Well off to the kitchen I go for my second cup of coffee with coffeemate vanilla creamer. OOOhhhh. Miss ya Shann.

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OrangeGlow said...

Welcome home!! I'm glad you had so much fun with Shann.