Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Bucket

So I talk to Shann tonight and she is dissapointed cause I haven't blogged. So here goes. I didn't blog cause it seems like all I talk about anymore is that I hurt. Crap That's depressing who wants to read about that everyday? Huh Huh I ask that. Nobody. So I am posting out of the guilt bucket. I have worked two whole days this week and feeling absolutely like tired crap. Feel like I have been beat up. See this sort of pain is new to me. I realize there are a bunch of old timers and other 40 something's out there that have been dealing with this crap way longer than my 1 week deal. But, to me it feels like month's so far. We can't find a sitter for Jack yet. We are looking. Mom needs a break she is getting wore out watching jack this week. Such hard decision but us people are getting old. I will just have to hug and kiss him more and tell him I love him that little jack. Waa now I am crying. I love that little guy he is my sweetie. (enough of that).

Well, shann that's all your getting out of me tonight it's 8:20 and I am exhausted. You all have a good one.


OrangeGlow said...

ahhhh, shann's not the only one who misses your bloggings... this is my only contact with your world. i like to hear how you're feeling even if you're feeling terrible. we ALL love you. take care now.

JustMeShann said...

Thanks for the blog... Pain is a drag and I used to complain ALOT!!! and actually I still do... I have to tell you I have had it for 10 years this last September 9th... I try to out run pain, but everyone and I do mean everyone handles it differently... Sometimes if you dont complain about it you feel as if you are the only one in the world feeling that kind of hurt or pain, so complain on it is normal and a way to deal with life... Just think of it this way; we will all share in your pain together... Love ya a ton, Shann @}---