Friday, November 10, 2006

It's the cozy time of year.

Well, it's offically cozy time. Another strong storm is coming in off the Pacific with lots of rain and wind and now cold weather is coming.

Things it makes me want to do.

Bake Cookies (yummy)
Write little note cards to friends
Work on Christmas gifts
Make a hearty beef stew for dinner
Cozy up with my blanket and a book
Listen to a football game in the background while I scrap

These are just a few of the things I would like to do.

But, today I get to go to the doctor, so that she can say okay I will refer you to a surgeon and a physical therapist. So that will be interesting. While I am up there today I am going to opt for my flu shot today. I don't need to get sick this year at all.

I babysit jack tonight. Jess came and got me. I told her Jack had to be asleep since I am not suspose to pick him up. Anyway they got back about 1:30 am. So that was nice not to late. They were all giggling. Guess they had a good time. Jack never woke up. So that was good. So i just stared at his little sweet face all night. Probably about 5 minutes and then I feel asleep.

So that's the skinny on the news. My travels are limited these days.


jake said...

yea sis i love this time of year pile the blankets on and hunker down under the covers, start a fire and watch it burn nothing like a good warm fire burning slow and keeping the house warm and tosty. i sent Dwight by the house to see if justin is all right and then to chk on reno at tricias house. he is a good dood. love jake

JustMeShann said...

Okay it is cozy and we have a fire, Steve is snoring and I just got done spending the whole day basicly trying to make a DVD slide show... It failed, but it worked; partialy anyways... I can see that it will be totally awesome if I figure out what I did wrong... Hmmmm... The MAC is an awesome machine, but it has a hap hazzard machinest behind the mouse... So tomorrow I will waste somemore of my life trying to figure out how to fix my errors and turn out something cool... I am a freakin NERD!!! Who would have ever thought a NERD!!! and I even ware the freakin glasses to boot! What am I coming too! I hope this amuses you! I do, I do! Wish you were here to read the directions, that is the part I skipped of course! Directions, Smections, those are for amatures!!! I have had enough and now I am going to bed with the snoring man... I hope you get some rest tonight, no more 2 am'ers... Talk to you tomorrow... Love ya Shann