Friday, November 24, 2006

Nice, Calm and Relaxing

Well thanksgiving was all of the above. We went to mom's at 5:00 everyone potlucked the dinner. Mom was in charge of Stuffing and turkey and gravy. Jessica was making her world famous Garlic Mashers (Shann you would love these) and she also made green bean casserole with bacon in it. I was in charge of rolls and desert. I picked up a pumpkin cheese cake from Costco. So it was nice pleasant calm terrific. We were all tired so we went home around 8:00pm. Oh yes, Little Jack Pepper did not like mashed potatoes and turkey and gravy. It was all to spicy for him. He tried a couple bites and then his taste buds couldn't handle anymore. He is use to a very bland diet. Dumb Nana didn't even think about spices and baby Jack. Anyway he made it thru and his mom feed him his normal bland meal.

The Great Idea:::::
Putter picked up the flyers, he found things he wanted from Best Buy. Hmm store opens at 5:00 you need to be there by 4:00 to get certain tickets for things you want that were priced incredibly low. We got there about 3:30am. We were around 540 people back. There were rumors other people were there since thanksgiving morning. We saw the tents. They also had portapottys. Anyway we thought geez we won't get the main thing we came for which is a christmas present. Well, finally later a guy comes waking back he had been there a long time and had tickets for some of the good deal items. Any way Putter bought one of the ticket's off of him for the main item we came for. So we Scored. Yes, What fun that was. So we stood in another line we were out the door by 6:30 am. wonderful. I came home and went to work and putter went to breakfast with the guys and then out to the shop. So he got home around 1pm I got home at 1:30 pm and we went to sleep. The phone kept ringing but we ignored it, we were beat. Anyway we slept until 5:30. I couldn't decide if it was morning or night. didn't know if I needed to get ready for work. Crazy. So that was our thanksgiving, how about yours?

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JustMeShann said...

I'm glad you got what you needed :o) But how crazy was that... Gotta Love it and I am glad you all had a wonderful relaxing holiday...