Thursday, November 30, 2006

St. Jacob

It was 72 degrees in Illinois yesterday. Now it is in the high 20's. Justin said the power went out. There is freezing rain everywhere and he keeps hearing the Oak trees fall. I said are you sure they are fallin. He said well it's either that or some big people are falling out of trees. He said everything is covered in thick ice. A tree just fell across the power lines of the neighbors. He says it is crazy. The mail box is covered in a ton of ice ice ice. He said a transformer just blew up. Hugh. Wow he is giving me a play by play His power is flickering. He figures it will be out soon. it''s 10:10 in St. jacob. Allright bye, goodnight. love ya


JustMeShann said...

Jus, sounds like he is having a hell of time... Hope he has a wood stove... Sounds exciting to me... But I am crazy like that... Good Luck Justin!

Brandi said...

Hey Cal,

Glad the boy is doing okay under the circumstances. It is on it's way here the wind is a whipping and whistllng. The lights have flickered a few times but we still have power...surprise surprise. The temps have dropped here about 20 degrees in 4 hours. I don't mind the snow coming just spare us the ice. I don't hate too many things but I do hate ice.
Take care and thanks for keeping us updated.
hug-hug, Brandi