Thursday, December 28, 2006

Charlotte's Web and Jack

So I watched Sweet Little Jack Pepper tonight. He had 4 shots today

3 normal shots and a flu shot. He wasn't feeling good. They gave him his

Shot's in his thighs. He is now 25.5 pounds and 29 inches tall. Wow.

I think he may grow up to be a line backer.

Things about Jack I notice.

He likes to sleep on his right side, he likes covers on his face.

He loves it when his Nana takes naps with him. He loves to smile. He likes

to roll to the right on the floor. If he has to roll left then we run into fussing.

He loves watching the dogs. I love this kid.

I really do want to go see this sweet little movie.

ONE of my two favorite books that my

Grandma Gatlin used to read me was

Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.

I miss that woman.


Brandi said...

Hey Cal,

Thanks for sharing Jack and his Jackism's....such a sweet baby...and you are so lucky to notice all those little things that make him special.
Enjoy, Brandi

Jessica's Blog said...

Hey Mom! Your such a good Nana to Jack Pepper! A good mom to me! Thanks you for being so wonderfull. I love you!
Jessica Anne