Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Morning

Spoke to Justin around Midnight last night he was within 50 miles of twin falls. He was tired but said he wouldn't stop. What a stubborn Child he is. Says all he wants to do is get home. Putter and I stressed to him yes, we would like him home but in one piece. Oh to be young again. Nowadays if I am tired. That's it, it's over, bedtime is just around the corner.

The Wind is really whipping out there this morning and it's warm. 52 degrees that's warm for this time of year. I am sure that at U-haul the trailers are probably taking a stroll around the parking lot. Hmm what will we find there.

I need to work on my Christmas cards today. Today I will be taking care of my grandson. OH, I love the little guy. He is so sweet. It's so fun to give him hugs and loves.

I finally got in the cooking mode last night. Made a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies. they were good and soft and awesome. We had steak chilli for dinner with biscuits. Yummy, it was a good meal. Trying to figure out what good meal to make tonight for dinner. If you have a suggesting go ahead and put it in the comments section for me.

I have been venturing out lately in blog land and finding so many interesting blogs to share a few would thrill me. So here we go.

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