Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yep it's Tuesday, to continue with yesterday, Putter and I just hung around the house. Interneting, talking, watching TV, napping, you get my drift. So finally around 3:00 we took my car over to Jess's cause she had to go to dinner at her dad's later that evening. Then we went to uhaul did some shuffling of trucks, took the garbage to the street. From there we went to Home Depot and purchased some materials so that putter could hang the tv up in the Crap Room. Then we went to his Parent's. I of course was starving because I hadn't ate since 9:00 in the morning, Dining on Oatmeal sooooo. I asked if we could go to Sizzler's because I wanted steak and salad.... So he took me there and before I was done with my salad I was full. Whoops I miss gauged. Anyway a Bunch of my dinner came home with me. It was good... I have lost 14 pounds and I think my stomach is shrinking.

That was an exciting Monday now wasn't it. Actually I very much enjoyed my day. So I am now pondering what will my picture of the day be today.. hmm... More later of course.

Oh and if your wondering what the stuff behind Jack is well that is a Laundry heap. Waiting to be folded and put away...

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JustMeShann said...

Don't look up Jack, that there is the finger!