Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Card Night

We had card meeting tonight. What fun these are the cards we made tonight. We had a lot of fun.
Today I went to work. I am feeling better.
It suspose to get cold around here tonight.
I never got to see the Sopranos TV show way back when it started cause I never had HBO. But, tonight is the first night of the series on A&E so Every wednesday it's on. I wonder if I will like the show. Jessica likes it but, she likes the gangster lifestyle. We will see.


Brandi said...

Love the cards Callie. The colors are so cheerful!
Glad you are feeling better.
Take care!

OrangeGlow said...

ahhh... I want to make cards with you... Glad you're feeling better. Love Ya!

Jessica's Blog said...

Gangster lifestyle huh? lol
I love you Mom!