Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Evening Blogging.

Scrapbooking yep wish I were scrapbooking. but, not I have to go to bed. It's that time of the night. Tomorrow is a typical Monday. Off to Uhaul. See what trucks have came in. We had a crazy busy week last week. Oh well what will this week hold.
Heard my Brother is going to Las Vegas in February but he needs to get a hold of his aunt Pat and give her the dates. Late february she will be on a cruise. I think he is heading out there in the beginning of the month. So Jake call or email your Aunt Pat and arrange stuff.

I don't know what my vacation time will hold this year. We will see. WooHoo

SnowstormtShiverhis next week they say we may see snow on the Valley Floor What fun not looking forward to the freezing temperatures. Losey. So that is it until tomorrow. I am interested in what I choose tommorrow for my Picture of the day. What will phase me. Interesting this little project is. Don't you think?

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