Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What a "Crazy Day". Gads. it was so busy. Had to call in mom and dad both to help out. Then Allen from my old job asked me to help his bookkeeper. So I was there until 8 tonight. Then I have 3 jobs of vinyl that are all do the end and begining of the week. Wow, I am getting busy again.

Jessica and Jack both have the flu. Hope it flys right by me.

the dogs were bad today they somehow got into putters chocolate. NO DEAD DOG Yet. So I hope they well be okay. I am not sure who exactly is the bad doggie.

Well, I am zonked and hitting the pj's and going to check a few things on this computer. Just wanted to shout out to my Brother. I love ya!


JustMeShann said...

Hope today is better for ya Callie... How are Jess and Jack today?? It's raining here today, but just enough to make everything wet and slippery... Have a good day, Love Shann

Brandi said...

Hey Callie,

As for the chocolate and dogs...they have to eat an ounce of chocolate per pound of pup to if your dog weighs 10lbs. they would have to eat over a 1/2 pound of chocolate. There is 16 oz. in a lb. So unless they ate A LOT of chocoate I would not stress....they may barf up the foil or wrappers.....

Hope today goes much better for you and yours!