Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

What are the girls going to Answer?
Will they say yes to Marriage?
What will happen.....
My Favorite show is on tonight.
Grey's Anatomy
The Show I Love Just as much is Brothers and Sisters
On Sunday night's on ABC


Anonymous said...

The real question is who gets to play chief? The Asian girl is going to say yes, Callie is going to say no – my prediction. I hope McDreamy wins out as chief – I like that guy!! Something better happen ‘cause I’m starting to get a little board with this show.

Callie Ann said...

Dear Anonymous

Yes, True... I am pretty sure they will drag the Chief deal on since.. He answered the door at his home to find they may or may not be another man in his home. We will see. Don't get to bored with the show. I do agree they need to step it up a notch.

Linda said...

Wow - another thing we have in common! I love Grey's and watch it every week!

I absolutely adore George and I'm so happy he and Callie went to Vegas to get married! I just hope his so-called "friends" don't mess it up for him!

And I am the only one that thinks Mark is hot?? He is most definitely "McSteamy" in my book!