Monday, February 19, 2007

Not for the weak in the stomach or mind WARNING.

I hear a flu has been going around the country since about November.

Yep I think we are starting that fiasco here at our house........

I was watching my 9 month old grandson today. He was acting a little cranky. His mom came to pick him up. She sat on the end of my bed, Jack (grandson) sitting there also....and it started...... Poor kid. My daughter has not had to experience her child do this yet. She yelled. "Projectile vomiting"....."I have to get this kid to the hospital."

I am having to try to convince her it is the stomach flu. Because she went visiting friends this weekend and was informed after there was the flu in that household.

So my grandson was drenched in this stuff and he just smiled hugely. Like "what is this about Nana". I yelled to my daughter "you okay". (see she has always been one of those kids that upchucks when other's do) She said "yes", I said "while go wash the heck out of your hands", because they were covered and I told her to go get the tub running. So she striped the child as I waited at the tub getting the temperature just so. Poor baby just kept smiling... as Nana cleaned him up....

So I thought well, I'll hand this kid off I need to strip my bed and wash everything so we can sleep tonight. Egads it's horrid. She said to me "is that it". I said "no way in hell, you can always count on at least 2 vomits minimum." I just talked to her and the other end of him has started. Thank god for diapers. Anyway she made an apt. with the doctor tomorrow. Hope she makes it.

I am feeling woozy tonight don't really know if it's the trauma of the event this afternoon or if I am getting sick. Gads. People are saying it comes on fast. So... for good measure I am putting a bucket next to the bed tonight. Don't want to clean up my own mess or have any other poor soul do it. I like to be prepared in this time of uncertainty.

So my daughter actually did good. We could have freaked out and had poor Jack traumatized and totally crying. Small Miracles. So my friends the flu has made it to Oregon in February. Have a good one.

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Skittles said...

I hope he feels better!!