Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reality Shows, Uhaul thiefs, Old RED

There starting up like crazy again. The ones I am aware of are... American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor.... I know there is more. I have conflict with my Thursday watching now. Grey's Anatomy, Survior, and CSI Vegas.... I love all these shows. Thank goodness I have a DVR (tivo) now. But now I find out that Putter is scheduling to record some races on Thursday from the speed channel. Yikes. Such Drama, Such Decisions. What to do.

This weekend a family moved from back Oklahoma. It was a lady that moved here with her three children. While they were in the Hotel in Oregon. Some idiot stole their U-Haul. The media notified everyone on the news. The community around there has totally given her everything she needs to fill her apartment. Dressers, beds, small appliances, bedding, towels, Everything they need to live. Those people were nice to do that. U-haul was able to recover the vehicle but all the belongings were gone. I think that is really crappy what happened to them.

Another event in Oregon is in the town of Scio about 10 miles from Albany. The story goes like this.

One day a Rooster, Road into town on the back of a pickup. He jumped off the truck and decided he liked Scio, so he would stay awhile. The town people noticed this Rooster was hanging around the local store. So after a couple of weeks the store adopted him and named him RED. Yep, you guessed it this was a Road island red rooster. So he was the local mascot. Until one day an unfamiliar dog came along and thought Red looked tasty. So that was the end of Red. The whole town went crazy and had a memorial service for Red. He lived in the town of Scio from 1996 to 2006. No one really knows how old, old red was. Anyway the town decided to send red to the taxidermy. Then they got the bright idea to make replica's of red. So today the town got Red back he is displayed in the local store with his favorite food in the case with him, Grapes... And also his likeness can now be found on coffee cups, trivets, dish towels, shirts, and you can get your own replica. Poor Old Red

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Skittles said...

American Idol all the way for us, then Dancing With the Stars :)