Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupid Morning

So today's world started off nuts. I usually wake up about 6am, feed the dogs, get the coffee rolling, give the dogs fresh H20. They prefer fresh. No old bubbles. Anyway back to.... The phone rang. I thought good gosh whats wrong. Creditors don't usually call this early. Well, it was my daughter "Mom my back hurts I can hardly move". Well, I said "Suck it Up Solider and get in the shower". So my routine was messed up worrying about that and her asking me to look for pain pills. Gads.

So I choked down my coffee and a yogurt. Mistake no protein to soak up all the caffiene. Get to work and was feeling like a chiwawa on speed. It was terrible.

Customer's there early waiting to get the heck out of Dodge. But, wait I have to check in the Uhauls that were dropped off the night before. Also the repair man is there to work on the floormat and seat covers on a truck that I need to rent. But, now I can't. So I go to check in another truck that the people are waiting for and what do I find. Garbage, candy wrappers, soda can's, cigarette wrapper's. Damn! Then I open the cargo area and I find lots and lots of dried mud. ERRRRR!.

Meanwhile this two dudes are patiently waiting for the truck. How am I going to rent them a dirty truck. So I grab up all the loose stuff. Try and sweep the mud and take a few pics of the dirt. So I go back in and talk to the customer (Disastor Restorations). I am praying they are going to use it to put crappy old carpet and stuff in like they have done in the past. But, no that couldn't happen. They are putting, a very nice ladies, living room, dining room and kitchen in this truck to store for two days. While she gets her new carpet installed. So I ended up giving them uhaul blankets to layover all the mud.

How freaking embarrassing. Anyway it got way better after that. I am exhausted all over again just talking about the stupid thing. Geez.


JustMeShann said...

Good Golly your day was like mine!!! I dont feel so alone in life now! People.....

OrangeGlow said...

It sounds like a busy day with the crazies. You should of told Disaster to F*** Off. Bastards!!!!!! LOL :)