Friday, February 02, 2007

What you up to this morning?

To start off I am going crazy... This morning it is 27 degree's out. I am sitting at my computer for sure. Either I am getting really old or I have a super drafty house. My shoulder's are freezing. I put a shawl type little big dog blanket on for just a second and then I get to hot and feel claustrophobic.
Err what is going on guess I'll chalk it up to Hormone's Hot Ones. Well, that is my post for the moment... I need to go get ready for work.....
Happy Ground Hog Day!
May the weather be sunny and cheerful where ever you may be.
Poor little Ground Hog, so much responsibility.
Have a good one!


Skittles said...

Some days you just get chilled to the bone and can't warm up!

I love seeing that happy mood :)

Territorial said...

It's -42C with the windchill right now where I am. No way I am getting warm!

That's -43.6F if you must know!

The Wooden Porch said...

I always get cold when I sit at the computer for some reason. My right hand (the clicker one) is an ice cube. The other hands lives under my leg. :-)