Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol

Okay this is my thinking on how I voted tonight.

Melinda and Lakisha will have big careers and albums and all that. The two kids I think that will be awesome to see in Concert are BLAKE I really like the things he does and Jordan she is really gettin a voice I think she would be a good American Idol.

Gina reminds me of Joan Jett. She will get something. Anyway that's my thinking. So that is why I voted that way.

How did you vote and why?????


Mags said...

I don't watch the show but have caught updates on the radio as I've come into work every morning and I agree with you-Jordan is awesome. Very "fresh" looking and sweet with a good set of pipes on her.

Definately AI material.

Sarge Charlie said...

One of these days i will have to watch the show

Michele said...

OMG... I just cannot believe that Sanjaya is still in there. He knows he's a bad singer and yet he continues to move forward. The majority of voters must be young teeny boppers that are moved to tears everytime Sanjaya comes out to sing... ALL HAIL SANJAYA!... geeze... we're doomed if Sanjaya is crowned American Idol... I'll never watch it again... lol.

Linda said...

It seems like every season there is one person who really NEEDS TO GO! and yet defies the odds and stays on week after week while better talent gets shown the door. That would definitely be Sanjaya this season. What girls see in him, I just don't know, and he sure can't sing very well either!

Jordan did an excellent job and had I voted, I would have voted for her but I don't bother voting because despite what Simon says, it's not a singing competition - it's a popularity contest.