Sunday, March 18, 2007

I was Critiqued.

Hey Hey, My blog was critiqued over on critique my blog. this is the results. Woo Hoo for me.
Scrap booker...blogger...and proud American Callie brings us her blog with her most recent post tackling the problem of blood sugar and it's ups and downs and weight watchers. One great thing about blogging is the true sense that you are not alone in anything you go through because chances are out of the millions of bloggers out there you can find a bunch who are going through it with you. That's the great thing about blogging and it's sense of community. Callie's blog is a fun read and keeps you interested, after all, you can't go wrong with anyone who quotes Dr. Seuss on their sidebar! Nice job and keep on bloggin!

Well, that was fun to see that. Thank you so much for Critiquing my blog!
I have his link over on my side bar. Go check it out and submit your own blog for the fun of it.


Comedy + said...

Congratulations on the critique!

Skittles said...

Great critique! As it should have been :)

Linda said...

Sounds like he was right on the money!

OrangeGlow said...

How cute!

Jessica's Blog said...

YAY MOM!!!!!!!
I love you!
Jessica Anne