Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just another teasing tuesday.

Thoughts of today... hmm not quite sure. I have been reading a lot of new blogs lately. Very entertaining. I am addicted to this computer stuff.

The weight loss effort is idle right now. I must try harder this week. It will put a smile on my face. The all important weather report. It was 70 yesterday, this morning it is 39 degrees out. Guess when I head out this morning I will be dressed in layers. I need to plan my meals better. I need to exercise.

Entertainment News:
A. Did you hear Regis has to go in for a bypass for his heart. Poor guy he is 75 and is in good shape. Wow I can't believe he is that old. Man that guy ages well.
B. Dancing with the stars will be starting soon. Wow how will Heather Mills due with her artificial leg? I hope she does well.
C. Will Howard K. Stearn be Charged with Anna Nicole's Death. Weird that all is.
D. American Idol will be on tonight 2 hour show they are down to the top 12 now.
E. Why are so many show in re-run mode. This is really not good. I think we should all complain. but to Who that is the question. Seems to me when we were younger and little house was on we watched a whole season and then after all the shows then there were re-runs. What is going on? Idiot's they are. I am serious this is getting stupid.
F. What should I eat today???? I picked up a Weight Watchers Magazine. WoW tons of imformation. Amazing. I was amazed.

My Brother was out this last weekend. It was fun to see him. He says he will be back in April. He is picking up a jeep from a relative and towing it back to Illinois with him.

I have an appt. for an MRI on Wednesday for the C-spine portion of my back. Which means neck. After that Surgery. When not sure yet. But, I will keep you posted.

Fire's in LA area already. That is bad, they say they haven't had any rain this year. Terrible Terrible.

I am reading for the sun to shine. Winter has lasted to long.

On Good Morning America they are doing an autism on Children update. Why does there seem to be an epidemic of this lately. Are people just more aware so it gets reported or is there really a rise. Wow, weird stuff. I know so many people who have children with that now. When my kids were growing up you never heard of it. Crazy Man.

SGT Dub should be heading back to the States in a month or so. Then he will be back to his Clothes line routine. Best Story in forever.

Well, hope your all doing well on this fine day and life is happy.

"Alright then" " I like French Fried Taters" Quotes from the Movie Sling Blade. Ha Ha too funny.

Alright Then, bye


Crazy Working Mom said...

Hey there! I added you as a friend on Spicypage and then headed on over to check you out.

Skittles said...

"Dancing" is almost ready to start again??? Will it interfere with Idol?? How do you know who the stars will be?

Sling Blade is a fantastic movie!

Sarge Charlie said...

Addicted, yes that is me, it is like crack.........

Linda said...

My Mom and I were talking about the whole rerun/full season thing at dinner earlier tonight. What the heck is up with that?? There never used to be this constant interruption of a show's storyline with previous episodes and long gaps and everything else. But you're right, who do we complain to?? It makes me angry!!

SGT DUB said...

Oh, you snuck that in there didn't you. I hope everything goes well with the doctor's appt. Surgery is never good, but does fix things.

Chelle & Chel said...

So how'd the MRI go!? I'll be checkin in. Hope you're well.