Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday Developments

Gained. ....4 ounces. Sorry guys. I was pretty glad with that thou. I basically maintained from last week. Last week I had, had the flu so I had lost almost 4 pounds. So I figured since all that extra water and stuff was out of my system I might have gained. Happy happy happy.... So that's the vertic. Thanks to all who are cheering me on. It really is helping.


Skittles said...

Shhh.. I gained 2 but I'm not changing my ticker :)

SGT DUB said...

That's not bad at all and it'll motivate you even more now that you're feeling better.

Linda said...

You're absolutely right about the loss from last week and 4 ounces is nothing to worry about! You'll have it off in the next weigh-in and more!

Brandi said...

Hey Cal...don't let this be a setback..it's not even a half pound for goodness sake.
Just remember to move and drink water....hang in there we are cheering for you.