Saturday, April 07, 2007

Response to Crunchy

I have thought long and hard and consulted several of my dearest friends and my dad about a comment that I received on my Post the other day relating to my Post concerning history that Donald Trump had wrote. Crunchy's comments will be in regular ink My response will be highlighted in bold and italicized.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Point #1. Wahhabi Islam - which comes from Saudi Arabia.....American Allies!
the wahhabi schools are built and funded by the Saudi's...why are we not dealing with this?

Answer: Why are we not dealing with a lot of radical religions, and if we do where do we stop, who should be exempt? The Pope must be radical, he wants to deny you the right of birth control, maybe we should bomb the Vatican. I suppose we could treat this like we did the people in Waco during the Clinton years, I am not sure how the rest of the world would look upon that.

Point #2 Saddam was a monster..but what makes him any different from other monsters?
We now know he did not have weapons of mass destruction.
What did he have apart from sabre rattling?
is not america there because Bush jr wanted to finish the job of Bush senior.

Answer: Another cheap shot, even the Canadians thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and he did, he used them on his own people. Your comment about my president was cheap and I will not justify it with a comment.

Point #3 Being that most of the maniacs in the mid east have been supported at one time or another - saddam included - by the it not time for America to realize what the effects of their foreign 'meddling' has been..especially when it has been purely for economic reasons and NOT altruistic one's.

Answer: It seems to me that right now the foreign meddling is coming from Canada, we are engaged in a discourse and you keep putting your liberal slant into our conversation, mostly uninformed.

Point #4 How many people (civilian and military) are going to die in Iraq before people realize this is no longer a war that can be won in any conventional manner.

Answer: How many people died during the Hitler years because the world kept it’s head in the sand, while liberals tried to appease him.

Point #5 This is the 21st Century Vietman....what did we learn from that debacle?

Answer: We learned that even though we won every battle in Vietnam that we lost the war because of people that, believe the way you do, controlled the purse strings as they do today.

Point #6 Conquering countries like Iraq will not save the world....
There will always be another one.

Answer: You got something right, it will not save the world, there will always be another one, and another one, and another one, just where would you draw a line in the sand and say to hell with you, I am not going to take it any more.

Point #7 And the stakes are a lot different now than they were in WW2.

Answer: I just do not know how wrong you can be, the world is at risk from a people that wish to kill anyone that does not believe as they do, the stakes are very high.

Point #8 Today it is about powermongering and business. Global Corporations call the shots.

Answer: You are uninformed, or at least we believe differently.

Point #9 People's freedoms are merely concepts used to win people over to keep coughing up money and lives for wars that cannot be won and should not have been waged in this way in the first place.

Answer: I am sure your vast military experience is the basis of this statement, just what would you do, tuck tail and run, just who are you to say that a war cannot be won?

Point #10 Can we please stop connecting Iraq to 9/ll...again where Saudi civilians were at the heart of that horror?

Answer: Mostly Saudi citizens were involved, not the Saudi Government, Iraq funded and supported terrorist, we are in a war on terror, care to join or plan some line you will defend.

Point #11 Can we remember that the Taliban are powerful because the US supplied them with weapons in order to oust the Russians from Afghanistan.

Answer: It seems to me that most of the weapons being used are AK47's not an American weapon. The Russian failure in Afghanistan was one of the reason the Soviet Union collapsed, I think the world is better off.

Point #12 Yes we must stop the dictators and the monsters out there....why are we not rolling through Africa toppling all THOSE monsters (right, no oil).

Answer: Cheap shot, what is Canada doing about THOSE monsters, right no guts.

Point #13 But the US also has to remember that most countries do not want to be reshaped in the image of the States..not everyone likes the US version of democracy.

Answer: True, so we just sit back and let them kill us.

Point #14 It is true the Wahhabis have to be stopped. The mullahs around the world have to be controlled and stopped.....countries DO need to stand up for what they believe in....that is true...but it should be the people and the governments united in that voice...and not let it disolve into racism and bigotry.

Answer: We would be happy to accept your support and solutions to the world’s problems.


Sarge Charlie said...

well done

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow callieannbratgirl!! you did your homework! smiles, bee

Crunchy Carpets said...


Holy crap you people need to go school....get a real education...with no leanings....get your heads out of the sand.....and thanks for insulting the Canadian troops currently risking their lives every single day in Afghanistan.

Thanks for insulting the Canadian troops and people that have stood up and supported and aided every country that ever needed our help.

Just because we don't follow YOUR orders does not mean we are sitting doing nothing....

Go read a history book and get your bigoted heads out of your asses.

Done here and elsewhere....

Flag Gazer said...

Nice language, especially on Easter Sunday. Your verbage reeks of the level of your intelligence.

She never once insulted the Canadian troops - nor should you. The people of Canada might not get it, but reports from the Stan say your troops do.

Question - how many countries in Africa are currently benefiting from the presence of US troops? Which one has oil? Oops - there is oil in Africa.

If anyone needs an unbiased education, I would say it needs to be you.