Monday, May 28, 2007

oh darn

So now some people are saying they can't see my header. What is happening I am melting away.
I have went to IE site and trouble shooted and did all the things they asked and wala I still can't visit Skittle's or Comedy Plus. site. I have talked to Michele from Chunky moutains she gets thrown out of Comedy Plus and my site. I am not sure what to do next. heeeemmm Any body out there with a suggestion let me know. And i don't want to hear swith to FireFox that doesn't help all the people on the net see my site. Gads. Guys. So help if you can. Thanks meanwhiel if you can't get into my site very long they suggest you sign up to the feed part it is at the bottom of the page where you can sign up.

Hmm What is happening.

I use to couldn't get to skittle's site via my internet explorer

now for the past couple days I can't get to Comedy Plus's site it keeps half way loading and giving me an error.

What is going on??????

Is anyone having trouble getting to mine. If you are would you please email me at



Comedy + said...

Hi Callie Ann - I've always had trouble with Skittle's site and I use Firefox to view her site. Michele told me last Friday that she cannot get on my site either. So, I'm slowly removing things from my sidebar to see if that helps.

Michele said...

Callie, i have to type fast, i can barely get into yours before I get booted, i can't get into comedy plus anymore and as far as skittles, i couldn't either and skittles said it's because I needed firefox but I can get on a lot of blogs that are set up with firefox so I don't think it's that. Nooooo.... I don't want to lose my friends! Help.... I need you guys!!!! Keep in touch with me

Amazing Gracie said...

The only site I've had trouble with is Skittles - and I've lost Firefox! I deleted it and reloaded and still cannot get it. Can't figure that out, either. It wouldn't let me leave comments! Don't you just love progress and all of the new-fangled technology that works one minute, and gets you spoiled, then the next it leaves you all high and dry!

captain lifecruiser said...

I've had problems for a while now with several blogs. It started with some few Blogger blogs (never wordpress blogs) I couldn't even open with Firefox, but went well in Internet Explorer.

Then it suddenly started to increase. Now, I'm having problem with commenting Blogger blogs blogs in Firefox, the comment window opens up in a very very narrow window and it won't let me large it, so I cant see enough to comment. Some few blogs I can click the "large window button".

I was forced to use Internet Explorer to be able to comment on your blog now.

BTW: I noticed that you've been visiting my blog and that you linked to me in your sidebar, so I returned the favor. You're now warmth welcomed in my "A-Swab Team deckroll".

I've been a bit too busy lately, otherwise I had been here earlier checking your blog out!

Keep in touch :-)

kaliblue said...

Hey Callie!
Sounds to me like Firefox and blogger can't agree at the moment. I use internet explorer and I'm not having any trouble on yours or others.

Hope ya get it worked out, wish I could help.

Mz Jackson said...

No trouble here, though I do have trouble sometimes on Skittles. It will throw up her blue background and header, then tell me it can't open. I click the reload button and then it opens.

Mags said...

Sorry silly brat brat...can't help.

But I can see YOUR site. 8)

Skittles said...

I don't have trouble getting here, but I do at a few others, then others I have trouble leaving comments on. I don't see your header anymore. Is it still there?

Comedy + said...

This is really weird. I removed even more items off my sidebar to see if that helps.

I will keep in touch with everyone one way or another. Don't worry about that.

Callie, I'm not having any trouble with your site at all. Weird!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I didn't have any trouble getting you open but it does seem to be lagging while loading. It's saying two items remaining...I can't see your header so that must be one.

With most folks if I hit the refresh button it pulls them right up, sometimes it may take a couple of tries. Especially on folks like Skittles. Usually if I can't get to someone I frequent I'll just try back later.

Asara said...

I've so far only had trouble with Skittles' and my site.. I thought that maybe since we were using the same template that it might be that.. it seems that maybe the trouble is more widespread than I thought!

I've got a new template now, let's see if it works!

Ed said...

It looks like Blog catalog is the culprit for slow loading. Callie doesnt have it installed now and the site loads fine, Comedy plus is hanging at blog catalog, I noticed claire's hung at blog catalog too.

The more complex the info you are fetching from around the internet, the more prone you are to unpredictable slow loading, compounded by the issue that different sites tweak/ maintain their widgets at different times.

It is a shame really because I think my quotes widget got booted from Callie's site when it wasnt necessarily at fault :) but that is just my biased opinion. hehe

Ed said...

Hey, that's a cool funny quotes widget and a fast loading side bar still :)