Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pisstakers did a review on my site.

Okay, Go over to The Pisstaker's. Ed over there did a review on my Scrappin.... With life in the new year 2007. Leave a comment for him about what you thought of his review.

Now Ed did have a mention about the Music I had on my blog. Mentioning something about breaking a cardinal rule of blogging. Something about no music.

Please give me your opinion yes or no. And feel free to comment as to why if you like. I have been interested in this for sometime. Thanks Callie Ann

Below I just wanted to show that I did win the Gummy Bears from The Pisstakers site. Thanks again Ed. My daughter came by to visit and now the Gummy Bears have been hijacked. hmm


Linda said...

Sounds like your gummy bears went the way of my gummy bears - my daughter devoured them! I had some before they disappeated and I must say that they were good!

As for the music question, I don't particularly like it on a blog simply because I generally have something else on that I'm listening to when I'm on the computer and it clashes with that plus I've noticed that sites that have music tend to load a lot slower. I've got music over on my MySpace page and that's a good place for it but not on my blog.

However - to each his own and you do with your blog what you want to do with your blog.

I think Ed did a great review, though, and I think he was quite accurate with what he wrote.

squirrel said...

I don't mind the music but it's because I check blogs from home. I think most people check blogs from work and they don't want music blaring out the speakers and giving them away to the other workers that they are blogging instead of working! LOL

Comedy + said...

Great review Callie Ann. I had to take a peek. I don't care for the music myself. Often I turn the volumn off so I don't commit suicide. Everyone's taste in music is different.

I love your site and you rock my friend.

A.J.Reams said...

Nice review and yummy gummie bears!

I don't mind the music.

Ed said...

Nice post about gummi bears, and how revealing - my handwriting is diabolical!

Some good points about music pros and cons.