Saturday, May 12, 2007


Good Morning to all Bloggers and friends. So It is another Saturday. I will be off to work in a few minutes. Rolling, rolling, rolling keep them U-hauls rolling, yee haw. Okay that didy is over now. Saturday chore list.
  1. Get Mother's day presents.
    2. Get some Groceries in the house
  2. 3. Clean up the house, yeah right
  3. 4. laundry laundry, somebody needs clean underwear.
  4. 5. wash the dogs bedding and the people's to
  5. 6. hmm hmm hmm oh yeah I will probably play Pogo today
  6. 7. dust dust dust. I don't need anymore science experiments.
  7. 8. go see jack jack. love the baby
  8. 9. hmmmmmmmmm bye

Hope everyone has a wonderful saturday. Got to get a shower again. Hope you enjoy the guitar music on hear. Compliments of borrowing Gracie's idea of music.. Thanks Gracie. Yes, I am scatter brained today. Bye.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well callieannbratgirlfriend, don't work too hard! remember, you are a mother too!

smiles and happy mother's day!


Skittles said...

Awwww.. when will get time to rest???? ♥

Linda said...

Sometimes Saturdays are the busiest days of the week, aren't they? Ugh! I decided to skip the housework and go visit my Mom today as I have to work tomorrow.

Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day! You deserve the best!

Stine said...

And hello right back at you!
Thanks for visiting, and happy Mothers' Day!

Amazing Gracie said...

Glad you like Billy Mc! He's a nice guy, too. I ordered a couple of CD's from his website a year or so ago and waited and waited...I finally sent an e-mail. He called, left the nicest message; then also sent an e-mail and an extra CD!