Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meme's~~ Hmm thinkin'

You Know what I have been hit with so many meme's lately I can't even remember by who or why or when or what. It's amazing. So I thought I would throw some crazy facts out in the wind to you. Hmm so here goes.

So I am thinking back on life. Wanna know what my favorite X-mas present I ever got was. Just a minute I will get a picture of it. Yep it was I played and played and played with that toy. I loved it, it was the best christmas present I ever had when I was a kid. Yep it was.

Then I was thinking there was some books
I loved to read. Oh Boy, yep Pippi Longstocking
I loved her books her adventures I loved
these books I think it was a 4th and 5th
grade thing. Not positive but it feels right.
ASTRID LINDGREN wrote these books.
I also had a friend in school named Astrid.
That's kind of funny isn't it.

Then I of course I had some favorite dolls called Holly Hobbie dolls. I had them in for 4 seperate sizes all in the blue design. I loved those little dolls

I really have no idea what happened to these dolls or my barbie camper or my books. I think my mom gave them all to my cousin Kim. But, I could be totally wrong. Imagine that me wrong. Hmm

And then I have two dogs Nicky and Peanut they are both
Minature schanuzers except they out grew the minature
so they weigh about 25 pounds each. I love the little buggers.
Anyway point being if they could cook in the kitchen this would be them
they would gather all their friends. They would totally boss everyone into coming over and they would probably serve Macaroni and Cheese or something.

So I would like to introduce to anyone that hasn't met them yet.
Below we have Miss Nicky on the left and her
Daughter Miss Peanut.
Yes, Nicky had Peanut out of wed lock and
they are both spensters.
Miss Nicky can be rather grumpy if she doesn't
Know you she is a little ankle bitter.
And Miss Peanut she is a total
tom boy. haa ha ha they are alot of fun
Happy day to all

I know there are more things so I may add to them

Sorry if I bored you but, this is what came out of my head tonight.


Sarge Charlie said...

childhood, i remember mine

Skittles said...


Your doggies are sooooo cute! :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi callieannbratgirlfriend! you finally blogged!!! i have been here a bizillion times! thanks!

smiles, bee

kaliblue said...

OMG !!! I'm sooo jealous you got the Barbie camper I had always wanted when I was little. Santa never brought it to me either *UGH* :-). OMG I so remember the great Hollie Hobbie too. I remember some of my litle friends having dresses made to look like her too. Again I was left out in the cold *UGH*. I think I need therapy due to all this trauma of missing the cool toys *giggles*. thanks for the memories :-).
Have a good day!

Mags said...

Oh-I LOVED all things Barbie-especially the camping things...and Pippy-she's my GIRL!


Comedy + said...

I'm with Empress Bee - I have been lurking too and no Callie Ann. I loved this post. We are sure telling everyone about ourselves this week aren't we? It's wonderful too. Have a great day Callie Ann ♥

Loving Annie said...

Pippi Longsticking was great ! And so was Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy and Anne of Green Gables !

Happy Wednesday to you, Callie !

Squirrel said...

I had that camper it was my prized possession!

Brandi said...

Hi Callie.
I had the Barbie camper too...it always reminded me of your mom and dads cool motor home. Remember going snowmobiling and then coming in and having cocoa and playing that game with the marbles? Them were the days!
Thanks for sharing your memories.
love - hugs, Brandi

Crazy Working Mom said...

What an awesome idea! :)
Great to get to know ya a bit more.