Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Favorite Post of 2007 MeMe

Designed by Miss BEE

Well I was Tagged by Great and Honorable Comedy Plus.

That little sneaky one tagged me with the question. What is your most Favorite post of 2007?

So this means what has touched me in this year from my fellow blogger's.

Comedy Plus choose SGT Dub's Daughters letter that she wrote to the troops. That was awesome...

Sarge Charlie choose a post that my friend Michele posted of Rocky Mountain Retreat.

What a hard decision I am left with. There are so many blogs that I read, so many posts that are so wonderful and mean so much to all that read them.

But, I have a friend named
Mags who is a wonderful young woman that is in school to be a chef and she writes poetry on the side.

She wrote a poem called
Tomorrow's Gate. I love this Poem I love to go and read it. It makes me look to the future and all the wonderful experiences and memories the future holds. I adore this poem. I thank you Mag's for writing this. It means a world to me. This Meme was originally started by Jeremy @ Corporate Presenter

Tomorrow's Gate

At tomorrows gate they all walk past
not knowing what's in store.
But onto bigger-better-things
their hearts ready for more.

Upon the downy green grass lies
a tale that's not been told.
And at any minute the fireflies
may spin their fiery gold.

The tale begins and spreads its
wings and magical things ensue.
Surprised? Indeed! That mystical
girl inside the tale is you!

The story now is off the grass
and in the wind, you know.
And wherever it blows, wherever it lands
those are the places you can go.

Now Mags go up to the top and get your button. Now you have to find a post you like and pass it on to that person. Please tell them to keep passing it on. It's going to be alot of fun to see where this button goes. Luv U Callie


Mags said...

Wow Callie!

What an honor. Thank you so very much for choosing my poem. It means the world to me that it touched you so deeply.

Any chance you want to make me a little button for my blog saying I was your favorite post of 2007?

I'd really like to display one with pride.

Love you.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yikes, that was great! thanks!

smiles, bee

Skittles said...

I loved that poem, too!

Morgen said...

beautiful, simply beautiful

Comedy + said...

Excellent Callie Ann. I visit mags from time to time, but missed this jewel. Thanks for participating.

It also looks like this meme stops with us... Oh well, things happen.

Melon says he will post his tomorrow. Big hug to you Callie Ann :)

Michele said...

Wow, that was a pretty poem... I love poetry... good choice Callie...
Take care, my friend!

Claire said...

Great choice, i love a talented poetic chef.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's beautiful Callie! What a great choice! :-)

Linda said...

What a great choice! Mags can sure cook up some great poetry!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Looks like this meme has gone round the Blogosphere twice!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great choice, Callie! :)

I loved it.