Thursday, May 17, 2007

What kind of an ending was that???

Grey's Anatomy What a stupid dissapointing ending. I feel like it's the end of the show. it is the end of the season but the ending was throughly annoying. Just annoying. How stupid.

Derek is offered chief of which he turns down. Derek has his eyes on a new girl. He has no idea she is Lexi Grey. Sister to the other grey. Derek and the normal grey girl break up for good.

George failed the test and he is empting his locker out. Callie is left staring at the other girl that is in love with her husband.

Burke was basically stood up at the alter and he called it off and he left took his lucky surgeon cap, his saxaphone and his grandmothers pick. He is off the story line.

The chiefs wife is 52 years old and has a miscarriage

Alex is in love with the patient who's husband just found her. Hmm This is insane. Now what will happen and we have around 6 months to wonder.

All the shows have basically ended this whole week they are ending. What will we watch now. Amazing Race is done, Survivor is done, American Idol is almost over, Dancing with the stars is almost over,

New shows the only one I am aware of is Big Brother which starts late june early july sometime in there. If you know of what else I am forgetting let me know.

Reruns I will watch. CSI because I never watched any of them yet. I know there are alot of you tv watchers out there so throw out your opinion.
Thanks to all Callie


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

the worst ending ever in the history of tv was this week king of queens. i have watched that show since the start and watch the reruns all the time but the last season sucked and the final episode? well, let's just say i would say it was written by monkeys but that would not be fair to monkeys...

smiles, bee

Skittles said...

I used to watch Grey's when it first came on. I've kind of kept track of what's been going on only by seeing commercials.

We'll be going through Idol and Dancing withdrawals here, too!

Anonymous said...

American Idol - Melinda should have won. Will not be watching that show again. Bring back Sanjaya!!

Greys - I posted a comment months ago... it's gone over the top - this one is off my list too now.

SGT DUB said...

Well, I bought a box set of "24" and am in season 3 now. Favorite shows back home include, The Amazing Race, CSI, medium and The Wiggles, (just kidding about the wiggles)

Linda said...

Callie, I was horribly annoyed and disappointed with last night's season finale of Grey's. WTF was all that supposed to be about???

I used to really like the show and now it just ticks me off because everyone is so screwed up all the time and it's like they don't want any of the characters to be happy. Meredith should have pulled her pouty head out of her ass long ago and settled down with Derrick; Izzy should have been shot for screwing up George's marriage (I really like Callie); and Burke and Yang - they couldn't even leave that alone???

If next season doesn't start off a hell of a lot better than this one ended I am not watching this show anymore ever.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I'm with Sg...I LOVE 24. It's an awesome show. It's almost over too, though. I plan to watch the shows I've missed due to Amerian Idol 2 nights a week, and Big brother. I'm a huge reality show fan.