Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You say what

Callie, your celebrity chef match is Chef Boyardee

OK, so maybe you don't eat from a can every night, but for you, convenience is critical when you're in the kitchen. Sure, cooking from scratch is nice from time to time. But with your busy lifestyle, you don't always have the time, or the inclination, to do so. For you, canned soups or packaged potatoes aren't considered cheating necessarily. They just give you a head start. And that's OK by you.

If spending less time in the kitchen means spending more time with friends, family, and on other pursuits, that suits you just fine. After all, life is too short to spend hours in the kitchen whisking, pureeing, and sautéing just to prepare something that will disappear in a matter of minutes. Our guess is that your passions lie outside the kitchen. Which is not to say you don't enjoy a good meal made as a labor of love, just as long as someone else is preparing it.

On a side note: When I was younger and the kids were home I cooked all the time and we used to have friends over for special dinners and I would clean and jazz up the house. Now I grab pizza and a pepsi and get on the computer. Hmm

got this test off of Kaliblue's site. go check it out.


Ed said...

I dont think I equate to any chef alive. I make the best lasagne in the world but burn toast like a champ. I cook a great full breakfast, coordinating all the bits so it arrives on a plate al at the same time AND hot, but I would struggle to put a simple roast chicken on the table unless I had a recipe.
Thank goodness for a wife with the patience and know how to cook real food. She has found her way to my heart through my stomach, for sure.

Mags said...

I thought I was your celebrity chef.


muskiedine said...

Hello I wanted to Thank you for voting on my blog. Im new at this blogging stuff so I have a lot to learn. I love your blog site. How do you get it so wide, it seems that mine is two collums wide and yours is three. Anyway thanks for putting me on your blog links. I commented on your blog as(Muskiedine) Hugs Mama Shalom

Linda said...

I am Iron Chef!!

So maybe you've never had a face-off in Kitchen Stadium, but we'd guess that it's your knack for cooking improvisation that could top any competition. In cooking, as in life, you're probably very resourceful and able to make quick fixes with creative solutions. Whether it's taking an afternoon to search for hard-to-find ingredients or coming up with your own substitutions for an ingredient you don't have, you like exploring and discovering new things. To you, cooking is as much about the fun and challenge of spending time in the kitchen as it is about the finished product.

Sure, you like to eat, but you also enjoy everything that goes into getting that meal to the table. You may never end up in a cooking competition — it might not even be your style — but we'd guess you get a kick out of topping your own last meal — especially if you had to improvise along the way.

A.J.Reams said...

I'm chef boyardee too!