Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Quite Ready for the Jerry Springer Show

Your Family Is 27% Dysfunctional

Your family isn't perfect, but everyone's pretty good at working things out.
There's probably been a bit of family drama in your past... and who's to say it's over?
As long as your family communicates openly and respects one another everything should be fine.
Everyone in your family does love one another. They just may not be so good at showing it.


Morgen said...

oh, I'm afraid to do this one...
do they go over 100%

Morgen said...

Okay, I took it.
My family is 87% dysfunctional:
Your family is more than a little nuts. And you definitely should think about moving on.
This doesn't mean you need to completely cut your family out of your life...
But it does mean you need to create a healthy support system of your own. One that doesn't involve your family.
Even if you've already made a clean break from your past, it still may be haunting you. Checking in with a therapist from time to time is probably a good idea.