Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday Rambling

So life is going on.... The neck is on the mend. I am working on weening myself off of this lovely little Morphine. Terrible hot flashes come and go. It's like an all over body sweat. It is weird, totally. Is it pre-menopause? What is it? Whenever I take a nap I wake up totally covered in sweat my neck brace is usually soaked. Any body out there know what this is? It is the weirdest feeling.

My son Justin just called he is Woodland California they are doing the floor on a high school and he has food poisoning. He has been in the school office laying on a couch for about 6 hours in between bathroom runs. I feel terrible for him. It ranks up there with the worst things that could happen. Being sick and not being home. He said they work all night so that they can wear shorts and play their music and stuff. Justin said they will get a hotel room in the morning. He also said the day before they worked a 22 hour shift. Oh to be young again. He said he ate at the weinershintzel hot dog house and that is were he got food poisoning. I asked him if he was thinking it could be heat stroke he said no because he just said no.

Putter is still sick. It's been a week but he is back to work. His leg is still swelled up from the cellulitis. Terrible sickness that stuff is.
Jessica and Jack I haven't seen them much lately.
My mom is working everyday at the uhaul and hating it. It's making her depressed. She use to say she wanted to get another job someday. Now she says she is going to stay home and do things around there.
My Aunt called she got her first Sunburn of the year. It was 95 degrees where she lives in California. She had a farmer's tan a pretty good one. So she decided it was so hot she wanted to get in her pool. So she has a sunburn in the places her Bathing suit wasn't. Poor girl. Nothing worse on a hot day than a sunburn.
Peanut has been under the weather she has been having tummy problems lately.

Wow I am watching the show traveler what a cool show. Just totally cool. I like this show. Well that is about all the going on's around here. Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your neck's on the mend! No advice on the hot flashes though!

Poor Putter - hope he feels better soon! And Peanut too :-)

I haven't watched that show yet - it looks like my kind of show though!

Skittles said...

I have no clue about the sweats and things unless it's withdrawal..

Justin sure gets around. Wasn't he just in Vegas? He must be very good at what he does. Food poisoning is not fun, so I hope he's feeling better soon.

Oh nooo.. I thought Putter was doing a little better. What happened at his last doctor visit?

OUCH for your aunt's sunburn! A vinegar bath can help with the pain.. but of course then she wouldn't smell very good.

Tonight is the Pirate show!

Loving Annie said...

I'd go to your obgyn and get your hormones checked, Callie Ann.

I had something like that recently, hot flashes for about a month (i'm 49) and then the doc gave me bio-avilable estrogen andprogesterone and DHEA and everything is better...

Poor aunt and the sunburn. ouch.

Hope Justin feels better soon -

Michele said...

I hope things get better for you Callie. I really do.

Linda said...

I doubt that the hot flashes are from the withdrawal off the morphine as you've been having them for some time now, right?

It could be your hormones, pre-menopause can hit at pretty much any age. I agree with Annie - go see your GYN and see what he or she thinks.

Hope everything else gets better soon, too!